Who am I?

Hi Guysss!!! Zup? 🙂

First I would like to introduce myself to you.. I am Maria Cecilia Eito Belo, born at Makati City on February 7, 1995, 19 years old and the youngest among five (5) siblings, You know what? I have many nicknames but they don’t call me names haha.. My Family used to call me Michelle/Miche, while my classmates used to call me Cecil/Ces, and my neighbors used to call me Mikee which really sounds like they are calling for a boy or man everytime they call me, but i love that name tho. I like to share my life to you..

I am that type of person who doesn’t have many friends in the neighborhood unless we are classmates then we are friends because I am not allowed at also i don’t want to go outside the house because for me there is no reason for me to go out, and if I go out my skin would get burn, I just want to stay inside with my family, but it doesn’t mean that i will hate them or i will ignore them every time they greet me because I am friendly in a way that when you greets/greeted me my reply is a smile but i can assure you that it is a true smile “walang halong KAPLASTIKAN” 🙂 and also because I want my neighbors or all the people around me to respect me because I can see and I can hear them whenever they are throwing jokes and give comments to some other girls that are their friends which is for me are really not funny and are below the belt and good thing because they do have respect for me..

Let’s move on and talk about the most important people in my Life…… My Family….. they are the most important people in my life.. why? Because they love me unconditionally, they treat me as their Princess but it doesn’t mean that I am a spoiled brat tho they say that I am.. I have 2 brothers, Michael our eldest and already have his own family in Makati and my other brother is Adrian and still with us here in Cavite. I also have 2 sisters, Edelyn 2nd to the eldest and already have her own family and Theresa 3rd and also still living with us. My mothers name was Teresita and sadly when I am still (6) six years old my mom passed away our world shattered, and that time I can’t speak and I am just looking at them while my brother, my grandpa, and my dad was crying.. and I remembered I was thinking “is it normal for a baby to lost his/her mother?”. Honestly I wasn’t able to look at her inside her coffin, I can’t.. 😥 and after she was buried they told me that I am crying every night while calling her name.. and maybe that is the reason why Jesus gave me my new Mama and her name is Brenda, they say that she is my step-mom but for me she is also my real mom and I really hate it when they are telling me that she is “just” my step mom, and I love her very very very very much.. You know what? I am a Daddy’s Girl and I am “PROUD” of it.. His name is Eduardo “ED” and I really love him not because he spoiled me but because I he loves me and I have his support in all of my decisions. But I am not allowed to have a boyfriend yet I respect him about that, for me he is my boyfriend ♥. For me he is no.1, he is the most Loving, caring, hardworking, talented, intelligent, supportive Dad in the whole wide world. and I really Love Him very very very very much Two Thumbs Up for my Dad ♥♥♥.. I have one thing to tell you guys. I really hate it when people specially teenagers are hating their parents for me they are so unfair. Please do love an respect your parents because you cannot replace them with material things.

Because me.. I love my Mom and Dad to Infinity and beyond…….. ♥
Let’s go to present.. I am currently studying Bachelor of Arts in Communication. I choose this course not because it’s my parents decision because like what I’ve said they are very supportive. Well I choose this course because eversince I want to follow my dad’s footsteps and when I was young I really want to be on T.V but I am really a shy type person and I do believe that this is the best way for me to enhance my confidence and to improve and to discover the skills that I have. People are saying “MASKOM-portable sa Bahay” well obviously didn’t because in Communication you will be needing to exert more and more efforts I mean tehre is no time for resting, sleeping and there’s definitely no time for relaxing, if you are really serious and dedicated to this course and if you really want to be in the industry then you must be serious and you must love what you are doing.. I say “must” because for me it’s a choice, if you choose to be in this industry then focused on it. And I am looking forward to be successful in the industry that I am into.


Well lastly I would like to tell you one thing, there is nothing wrong in enjoying your life as a teenager as long as you know your limitations so that your parents wil be able to trust you and TRUST is not easy to get so make sure to avoid doing the things the can broke the trust of people around you especially the trust of your parents.

Hmmm, I guess that’s all my friends, sharing my life ends here.. I hope this make sense.. thank you so much for passing by on my wordpress and for reading my story.. ‘til next time guys..

Have a good day and Godbless 😀



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