ARTICLE no.1 —— Samar Updates: After Supertyphoon Yolanda

Samar Updates: After Supertyphoon Yolanda

Help is still direly needed: Please let us continue helping
Now that foreign help and NGOs are gradually leaving. And other small private groups are halting and stopping their activities. The government is doing their best. But I believe, we also have to do something as citizens and that… these places aren’t just places, it is home.

Please… everyone. Let us all keep helping each other to be able to help the people who need it the most. The image below is what it looks like. The damage after Yolanda is truly immense. Only with bayanihan can we hope that our homeland be able to stand back up again.

There is only one place in this planet, that we can call home. And what happens to it will also become our fate.

Everybody. Let us continue pressing on.

Let us do what is possible. Any help, no matter how small it is — makes a world of difference to a person who needs it. Orphans, victims, survivors… They all need our help. Let us keep doing something. It does not have to be in a grand scale to make a difference.

These are just our thoughts for this day. We only wish to share.

Relief goods would only do last for a few days, it might last for a week under extreme conservation. And that it will not do very well all the time especially for the kids. We believe, that the best type of help — is helping livelihood rehabilitation. So that our brothers and sisters could make their own living and no longer depend heavily on supplies that sometimes… sadly, does not get delivered.

We would like to say it here. That more help is needed.

Please. Consider. The people of Samar and Leyte.
Of which there is really nothing much left that can be used for livelihood, especially in some badly hit areas.
We would like to call on other peoples, on anybody who is willing and thinking of helping — please do so. Please let us all do what we can.

Thank you for your time in reading and we hope that we’d all still continue to help each other and that more people will stand to help.


Maraming salamat po.



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